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Looking for Top, Best & Famous Criminal lawyers in Hyderabad – Secunderabad, Telangana. Mr. Sai Krishna Azad is one of the Top 5 criminal lawyers in Hyderabad, with 13 years of experience as a legal practitioner in High court and all other courts.
In our criminal legal service, our entire attorney has handled 100 of criminal cases including each kind of crime, the felony.

Just keep in your mind because you have been billed along with a crime, it does not mean you have been convicted.

Don’t plead guilty or else offer up hope, talk to our leading in order to determine whether your criminal cases can be wont at dismissed, trail, or plead down in order to lower offense.

We work based on criminal law sections in India. All criminal case is different from one another, but our highly experienced attorneys have obtains stunning performance for our clients.

For Legal Advise Call:9948090355.


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